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  • Brahmi
    Bacopa monnieri

    Brahmi is known as the memory herb. It is a small leaved groundcover with pretty white flowers that last for some time. Brahmi has been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years as a tonic for the nervous system, promoting clarity of thinking, mental calmness, and emotional balance.

  • Chinese Water Chestnut
    Eleocharis dulcis

    Water Chestnut is an aquatic rush-like plant which grows in full sun and thrives in soil covered with 10 – 30 cm of water. Erect, narrow, tube-shaped leaves shoot from an edible corm.

  • Dwarf Papyrus
    Cyperus haspan

    This aquatic plant thrives as a submerged pond plant in full or part sun. Grown for it's ornamental qualities the slender stems are topped with green tufts that turn to bronze during summer. Like many water plants this cyperus can be invasive, so take care to only grow it in a controlled environment and grow it in a pot to contain it from spreading...

  • Fish Mint
    Houttuynia cordata

    This medicinal herb is known for its fishy smell and has many healing qualities. In Japan is it known as Dokudami which means detoxicant. The leaves have antibacterial, antinflammatory and antioxidant properties. Growing best in a moist semi shaded spot, the plant grows to 30cm in height.

  • Giant Papyrus
    Cyperus papyrus

    Papyrus is a clumping aquatic plant that was used most famously in history by ancient Egyptians to make paper. Native to the Nile river, papyrus thrives as a submerged water plant in full or part sun and is sensitive to frost. In modern times the papyrus can be used to purifying and clean water, or simply grown as an ornamental.

  • Kangkong
    Ipomoea aquatica

    Kangkong is a fast growing leafy vegetable which loves growing in boggy wet soil. Kang Kong is highly nutritious and rich in iron, calcium and vitamin A. Where space is limited it can be grown in an aquaponic environment to provide you with leafy greens all year round.

  • Lebanese Watercress
    Aethionema cordifolium

    Lebanese watercress will grow in abundance given the right growing conditions, providing a fresh source of greens for salads all year round. Leaves and stalks are edible with a celery like flavour. Stems gently weep from the base of the plant growing to 30cmin length. Although lebanese watercress will grow in moist soil we find it grows best with...

  • Pickeral Rush
    Pondeteria cordata

    The Pickeral Rush is a beautiful exotic aquatic plant that grows well in a bog garden or pond. The puffy seeds are edible fresh or cooked. Purple flowers appear in summer and will attract bees to your garden.

  • Taro - Amazon Queen
    Colocasia esculenta

    This ornamental Taro brings a lush tropical feel to the landscape. The leaves are glossy green with a dark purple outline, and stem is dark purple boardering on black. Grows well in a bog garden or in a pond as a marginal plant submerged down to 50cm.

  • Taro - Black Magic
    Colocasia esculenta

    This ornamental Taro has black leaves and is known as Black Magic. Growing to more than 2 meters in ideal conditions the leaves will contrast beautifully against green foliage. Taro grows well in a bog garden or in a pond submerged down to 50cm.

  • Watercress
    Nasturtium officinale

    Watercress is a semi-aquatic leafy green vegetable high in nutrients and minerals including vitamin C and iron.