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  • Baby Sunrose
    Aptenia cordifolia

    Trailing groundcover with succulent shiny green leaves and vivid pink flowers that open in full sun. Tolerant to long dry spells and moderate frosts, with a long flowering season from Spring through to Autumn.

  • Cassava
    Manihot esculenta

    The starchy tubers from the cassava plant are a staple food for many people throughout the world. High in carbohydrates, cassava has been cultivated for thousands of years. Plants are grown from stem cuttings which quickly grow into a shrub whilst forming multiple tubers underground.

  • Coastal Noonflower
    Carpobrotus glaucescens

    As the name indicates this groundcover naturally grows on coastal banks and has high wind and drought tolerance. This native plant plays an important role in erosion control. Both the leaves and fruit are edible.

  • Davidson's Plum
    Davidsonia jerseyana

    The Davidson's Plum tree produces exquisite and much sort after fruit bourne in clusters on the trunk of the tree. The fruit is juicy and pleasantly sour to taste when raw, and fully appreciated when cooked. The tree is slender in form growing 6 to 10 meters depending on growing conditions.

  • Desert Rose
    Adenium obesum

    The Desert Rose is a small semi-deciduous shrub originating from sub-saharan Africa. Evolving in such harsh conditions you will find this plant drought hardy and suitable for a water wise garden. Decorative features of the Desert Rose are its swollen trunk and vibrant pink flowers.

  • Frangipani - Pink
    Plumeria spp

    Flowers from the Frangipani tree are loved by people far and wide. Flowers are scented and come in a wide range of colours.

  • Ginger - Spiral Ginger
    Costus barbatus

    Soft green leaves spiral up to offer an exquisit red pink inflorescence with yellow tubular flowers appearing randomly each day. Native to tropical America it is most suited to growing in a humid environment, however it is a tough ginger and can be grown in many parts of Australia providing it is protected from the frost and kept well watered.

  • Gotu Kola
    Centella asiatica

    Gotu Kola is extraordinary, it has been used to treat, and also prevent, a wide range of ailments. Research links gotu kola to improved brain function, wound healing and arthritis relief.

  • Heliconia - Lizette
    Heliconia psittacorum

    Lizette grows well in part or full shade, tolerating full sun in the morning too. Ornamental pink and soft lemon flowers spear forth in summer, accented beautifully by its lush dark green foliage.

  • Herb Robert
    Geranium robertianum

    Herb Robert is a regenerative herb, we eat the leaf at least once a week for good health. This plant is growing in use and recognition as a herb which fights, and according to some documented reports, cures cancer.

  • Kalanchoe Quicksilver
    Kalanchoe pumila

    This small succulent shrub has powder blue-grey leaves that bring in tones of pink as they age. Light pink flowers with purple margins appear in late winter, a clear signal that spring will soon be upon us.

  • Lamb's Ear
    Stachys byzantina

    Lamb's Ear is a low growing perennial with soft felted silver leaves that are inviting to touch. Grown mostly as an ornamental you will find the leaves contrast well with other nearby plants in the front of the garden bed.

  • Lipstick Tree
    Bixa orellana

    The lipstick tree is a perfect sized tree for the backyard with limited space. The tree gets its name from the seeds which contain a natural red pigment, used by American Indians as body paint and lipstick.

  • Lucky Stripe Bromeliad
    Aechmea Gamosepala

    White and green striped leaves bring a fresh crispness to the garden all year round. Matchstick flowers are blue and pink, and plants steadily offset to fill voids in the garden.

  • Matchstick Bromeliad
    Aechmea gamosepala

    Low maintenance and extremely hardy the Matchstick Bromeliad can grow in depleted soils and heavy shade. Blue and pink flowers bloom in Winter and plants quickly offset to fill voids in the garden.

  • Nakedstem Livingvase Bromeliad
    Aechmea nudicaulis

    This bromeliad is named after its colourful flowers which appear in mid to late Spring. Bracts are bright red and frame the multiple yellow flowers born on a red terminal spike.

  • Native Hibiscus
    Hibiscus splendens

    The pink flowers on this hibiscus shrub are highly ornamental and edible.

  • Red Malaysian Guava
    Psidium guajava

    Beautiful dark red skinned fruits ripen in Summer with sweet pinkish pulp. The tree is highly ornamental, with deep red colored leaves and fluffy pink flowers.

  • Rosella
    Hibiscus sabdariffa

    The Rosella plant is a fast growing annual with few known pests. The fruit is very versatile. Often found as a jam on Queensland grocery shelves, it can also be used to make cordials and syrups, and has been traditionally dried and used as a tea in parts of Europe.

  • Tamarind
    Tamarindus indica

    The Tamarind is a tropical tree from Africa, now grown around the globe because of its wonderful sweet and sour fruit. Growing to around 18 meters, with abundant dainty fine evergreen leaves the Tamarind tree is a beautiful ornamental that will provide you with ample shade year round.

  • Tillandsia - Pink Quill
    Tillandsia cyanea

    Tillandsia cyanea blooms in the warmer months, producing vivid pink paddle shaped bracts edged with multiple small violet flowers.

  • Tillandsia streptophylla
    Tillandsia streptophylla

    Tillandsia streptophylla is one of the larger airplants, it has long curled leaves and stunning frost pink inflorescence when in flower.

  • Yarrow
    Achillea millefolium

    Yarrow is a beautiful and giving herb. The soft fern like leaves and seasonal sprays of flowers are a visual delight and the long list of uses never fail to amaze.