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  • Agapanthus - Blue
    Agapanthus praecox

    Deep green strappy leaves with clusters of blue flowers blooming in Summer are a treat to the eye when Agapanthus are block planted along a boarder together.

  • Blue Sapphire
    Evolvulus pilosus

    A wonderful fast growing evergreen shrub that grows to 50cm high by 100cm wide. The five petalled flowers are a vivid blue with white centres, blooming from summer through to autumn. It is happiest in a hot, sunny border where it is excellent at suppressing weeds and softening the edge of your garden bed. It also looks stunning cascading over a wall or in...

  • Borage
    Borago officinalis

    Borage is a fast growing annual herb otherwise known as the Herb of Happiness. Both the flowers and leaves are edible and suitable for salads.

  • Lucky Stripe Bromeliad
    Aechmea Gamosepala

    White and green striped leaves bring a fresh crispness to the garden all year round. Matchstick flowers are blue and pink, and plants steadily offset to fill voids in the garden.

  • Matchstick Bromeliad
    Aechmea gamosepala

    Low maintenance and extremely hardy the Matchstick Bromeliad can grow in depleted soils and heavy shade. Blue and pink flowers bloom in Winter and plants quickly offset to fill voids in the garden.

  • Mushroom Plant
    Rungia klossii

    A small clumping shrub to 60cm from Papua New Guinea where it is commonly eaten as a leafy green vegetable. The dark glossy green leaves with a yellow stripe do not look like a mushroom, but the flavour is similar. High in calcium, chlorophyll and vitamin C this plant has many benefits beyond the kitchen.

  • Nakedstem Livingvase Bromeliad
    Aechmea nudicaulis

    This bromeliad is named after its colourful flowers which appear in mid to late Spring. Bracts are bright red and frame the multiple yellow flowers born on a red terminal spike.

  • Rosemary
    Rosemarinus officinalis

    It's hard to imagine a herb garden without Rosemary. This is such a versatile and well known culinary herb. The shrub grows to around 1m, taking up little room in the garden and adding beauty and fragrance when in flower during spring.