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  • Beach Flax Lily
    Dianella congesta

    This hardy flax lilly has shiny bright blue bunches of fruit. The plant can serve many purposes. It is good for binding sand and reducing soil erosion. Aborigines used the silky strong leaf fibre to make string and baskets. The fruit is used for blue dye and is also edible. The berries are arguably the best tasting of all 15 flax lillies native to Australia.

  • Blue Tongue
    Melastoma affine

    The Blue Tongue is a hardy shrub which is host to the rare butterfly Miskin's Blue. The large purple flowers come and go from Spring through to Autumn. The fruit is sweet and true to its name as it dyes the tongue.

  • Catnip
    Nepeta cataria

    Best known as stimulant for cats this perennial shrub also benefits humans. If mosquitoes are out we pick and bruise the fresh leaves then rub them over exposed arms and legs as a repellent.   Prepared and taken internally this herb also has sedative effects which has been used to treat digestive complaints, migraines, nervousness and insomnia.

  • Comfrey
    Symphytum officinale

    This valuable herb has many uses. Medicinal application of comfrey root and leaf has been documented extensively, mostly in healing bruises, soft tissue damage and broken bones.   We use comfrey leaves as a compost ingredient, feed them to chooks in a forage system, and use them as mulch when the plant dies back over winter.

  • Dog Bane
    Plectranthus ornatus

    Dog Bane is hardy low growing dense shrub suitable for water-wise gardens. It tolerates dry poor soil conditions and will grow in full sun or part shade. Dog Bane is marketed with cat and dog repellent qualities and often named Dog Gone. Leaves are evergreen, succulent and pungent to smell when crushed.

  • French Lavender
    Lavandula stoechas

    This species of lavender is suited to growing in the sub-tropics. Flowers are a vibrant dark purple and the aromatic lavender leaves can be used as a pest repellent in the garden or in the home as you would with traditional English Lavender.

  • Jicama
    Pachyrhizus erosus

    The Jicama is a fast growing climber with edible tubers. The vines appear in Spring and die back in Autumn, if left to grow over an outdoor frame they will provide shade cover very quickly for Summer.

  • Mother of Herbs
    Plectranthus amboinicus

    Mother of Herbs is a prostrate herb that grows faster than any other in our garden. Highly aromatic leaves have a scent comparable to oregano and can be used to add great flavour to meat dishes.

  • Mother of Herbs - Variegated
    Plectranthus amboinicus

    Mother of Herbs is a prostrate herb that grows faster than any other in our garden, and the variegated form is just as vigorous. Leaves are very aromatic with a scent comparable to oregano and can be used to add great flavour to meat dishes.

  • Native Violet
    Viola hederacea

    A wonderful dense and vigorous creeping groundcover which enjoys moist soil and partial sun. We find it suppress weeds in the understory of garden beds and reduces the need to mulch. The flowers are edible and add a touch of beauty to summer salads.

  • Oregano
    Origanum vulgare

    This well known culinary herb is a wonderful ground cover and companion plant to many, especially brassicas where it helps repel the white cabbage butterfly. Oregano can be grown in full or part sun and is drought hardy.

  • Painted Fingernail Bromeliad
    Neoregelia Spectabilis

    Green leaves with pink tips give the name Painted Fingernail to this bromeliad. Suited to part shade or full shade conditions in the garden, this brom can also be grown successfully indoors, which is sometimes necessary if you live in a region where temperatures drop below 1 degree celsius.

  • Passionfruit - Yellow
    Passiflora edulis

    We grow this passionfruit for personal use and it never fails to produce a plentiful crop each year, sometimes even two. The vines trelis up over an arbour and give us shade in the summer months.

  • Pennyroyal
    Mentha pulegium

    Pennyroyal is an aromatic perennial groundcover that is used as an insect repellent for fleas, ants, flies. It likes moist, partly shady conditions.

  • Pickeral Rush
    Pondeteria cordata

    The Pickeral Rush is a beautiful exotic aquatic plant that grows well in a bog garden or pond. The puffy seeds are edible fresh or cooked. Purple flowers appear in summer and will attract bees to your garden.

  • Purple Fanfare
    Scaevola aemula

    Purple Fanfare is a dense low growing prostrate shrub native to Australia. It is sun hardy with small purple fan shaped flowers in Spring and Summer.

  • Swamp Cranesbill
    Geranium neglectum

    This native ground cover enjoys moist soil with full to filtered sun. The leaves provide a unique shape to the lower layers of the garden. The plant is most suitable for growing around pond edges and in bog gardens.

  • Tillandsia - Giant Air Plant
    Tillandsia utriculata

    Tillandsia utriculata is the largest species in its genus, growing to around 0.5m high x 1m wide. Floral bracts are erect and dark green with purple margins.

  • Tillandsia - Pink Quill
    Tillandsia cyanea

    Tillandsia cyanea blooms in the warmer months, producing vivid pink paddle shaped bracts edged with multiple small violet flowers.

  • Tillandsia kirchoffiana
    Tillandsia kirchoffiana

    The fine green leaves on this air plant are light and dance on every breeze making the leaves shine as they catch the light.

  • Tillandsia leiboldiana
    Tillandsia leiboldiana

    Stunning red and purple flowers bloom in late Spring and Summer, rising above the plant to double its height.