List of products by A to Z Plant names starting with "E"

This is a listing of our nursery plants whose name starts with "E".
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  • Elderberry
    Sambucus nigra

    The elderberry shrub is best known for its fragrant and flavoursome flowers. The shrub has a suckering habit. The leaves die back in winter, with new leaf growth in spring being shortly followed by clusters of dainty white flowers.

  • Elephant's Ear
    Kalanchoe behanrensis

    Leaves have the shape of elephant ears and the look and feel of velvet. This plant is interesting yet so odd that it sparks the imagination of time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

  • Kalanchoe Quicksilver
    Kalanchoe pumila

    This small succulent shrub has powder blue-grey leaves that bring in tones of pink as they age. Light pink flowers with purple margins appear in late winter, a clear signal that spring will soon be upon us.