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  • Crucifix Orchid - Orange
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    Crucifix Orchid - Orange
    Epidendrum ibaguense

    The crucifix orchid is an exotic epiphytic plant from tropical america. This plant is very drought hardy and requires little watering, it can cope with a light frost but prefers frost-free conditions.

  • Heliconia - St Vincent Red flower Heliconia - St Vincent Red flower
    Heliconia - St Vincent Red
    Heliconia psittacorum

    St Vincent Red Heliconia is a hardy tropical plant capable of growing in full sun and not looking too scrappy. Flowers spear forth in summer, reflecting the colours of the sun, with vibrant oranges and reds that draw the eye from a distance.

  • Kangaroo Paw - Orange flowers
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    Kangaroo Paw - Big Orange
    Anigozanthos flavidus

    The Kangaroo Paw is an iconic Australian Plant. Long strappy green leaves are complimented with stems that hold high distinct orange flowers for all to admire.

  • Lavender Scallops Lavender Scallops
    Lavender Scallops
    Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

    Highly ornamental selection of Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi (lavender scallops) with upright stems and incredible leaves. Leaf colour varies with age and season, older leaves are lavender-grey and newer leaves are blue-grey. Flowers in winter when many other plants don't. Block plant for dramatic colour effect in the garden all year round.

  • Nasturtium - Flower Nasturtium - Flower
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    Tropaeolum majus

    The bright coloured flowers of the nastursium make it a real flowering event in our garden each year. Easy to grow, the flowers and leaves of this annual plant can be added to season salads.