List of products by A to Z Plant names starting with "F"

This is a listing of our nursery plants whose name starts with "F".
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  • Feijoa
    Acca sellowiana

    The Feijoa is an ornamental shrub from South America with delicious fruit. Shrubs are dense and leafy which makes them suitable for screening.

  • Finger Lime
    Microcitrus australasica

    When eaten raw the bubbles of lime will burst in your mouth, creating an explosion of flavour rivaled by no other.

  • Fire Sticks
    Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Rosea’

     The Fire Stick succulent is a mass of pencil thin branches that change in colour with the season and access to sunlight. When planted in full sun, the branches will be more orange-red in colour during Winter, and then fade back to green-yellow in Summer.

  • Fish Mint
    Houttuynia cordata

    This medicinal herb is known for its fishy smell and has many healing qualities. In Japan is it known as Dokudami which means detoxicant. The leaves have antibacterial, antinflammatory and antioxidant properties. Growing best in a moist semi shaded spot, the plant grows to 30cm in height.

  • Flame Tree
    Brachychiton acerifolius

    The most distinctive feature of this tree are the bright red flowers that cover its deciduous canopy in Spring.

  • Flap Jacks
    Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

    The leaves of the flap jack rise up from the ground without stems, encasing each other like a flower. The red colouring in the leaves strengthens with the amount of sun it receives.

  • Frangipani - Pink
    Plumeria spp

    Flowers from the Frangipani tree are loved by people far and wide. Flowers are scented and come in a wide range of colours.

  • French Lavender
    Lavandula stoechas

    This species of lavender is suited to growing in the sub-tropics. Flowers are a vibrant dark purple and the aromatic lavender leaves can be used as a pest repellent in the garden or in the home as you would with traditional English Lavender.