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  • Aniseed Myrtle - Flowers Aniseed Myrtle - Flowers
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    Aniseed Myrtle
    Anetholea anisatum

    The Aniseed Myrtle tree is native to a remanent rainforests in north east NSW. Increasingly rare in the wild this handsome evergreen tree deserves to be planted in more gardens. When crushed the leaf of the aniseed myrtle has a distinct licorice scent and is growing in use as a spice in the food industry.

  • Atherton Raspberry - Fruit Atherton Raspberry - Fruit
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    Atherton Raspberry
    Rubus probus

    Enjoy your own home grown rasberries native to Australia. Bright red fruit, slightly larger than the exotic raspberries, ripen in autumn through to winter. This raspberry plant grows in an upright weeping fashion and can be trestled.

  • Beach Birds Eye - Young Plant
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    Beach Birds Eye
    Alectryon Coriaceus

    Depending on severity of coastal conditions this hardy shrub grows up to 5m and bears sweet red fruit that look like birds eyes.

  • Beach Cherry - Young Plant
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    Beach Cherry
    Eugenia reinwardtiana

    The Beach Cherry is a slow growing tropical shrub that prefers moist well mulched conditions. The sweet juicy fruit is best eaten raw. Fruits from individual plants can vary in flavour however this remains our favourite bushfood.

  • Beach Flax Lily - Plant Beach Flax Lily - Plant
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    Beach Flax Lily
    Dianella congesta

    This hardy flax lilly has shiny bright blue bunches of fruit. The plant can serve many purposes. It is good for binding sand and reducing soil erosion. Aborigines used the silky strong leaf fibre to make string and baskets. The fruit is used for blue dye and is also edible. The berries are arguably the best tasting of all 15 flax lillies native to Australia.

  • Black Apple - Young plant
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    Black Apple
    Planchonella australis

    The Black Apple tree is a valued tree. The fruit is a favoured ingredient in bushfood restaurants and the timber is sought after by cabinet makers. In the garden it is just beautiful to look at with its deep green shiny foliage.

  • Black Plum - Young Plant
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    Black Plum
    Diospyros australis

    A small rainforest tree that enjoys moist soil, wind and sun protection, and can tolerate heavy shade. The black shiny fruits are most edible when soft. The black plum is also referenced as having fire retardant properties, making it a worthy inclusion in your landscape design.

  • Blue Quandong - Tree Trunk Blue Quandong - Tree Trunk
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    Blue Quandong
    Elaeocarpus angustifolius

    Buttressed tree to 35m with open almost horizontal branches. Leaf edges are slightly serated and old leaves turn red before falling. The iridescent blue fruit is edible but sour to taste in raw form. It can be used in jams, pies or stewed in sugar to make puree. The silver-white truck is distinct and the timber is highly valued.

  • Blue Tongue - Leaves Blue Tongue - Leaves
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    Blue Tongue
    Melastoma affine

    The Blue Tongue is a hardy shrub which is host to the rare butterfly Miskin's Blue. The large purple flowers come and go from Spring through to Autumn. The fruit is sweet and true to its name as it dyes the tongue.

  • Brush Cherry - Fruit
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    Brush Cherry
    Syzygium australe

    The Brush Cherry produces tangy and enjoyable fruit however it's mostly planted in gardens as a fast growing screen, and is well known for it's hardiness.

  • Bunya Pine branches Bunya Pine branches
    Bunya Pine
    Araucaria bidwillii

    The bunya nut is truely worth feasting on. Nuts are eaten raw, roasted, fried or freshly ground into baking flour. The timber is just as valuable as Hoop Pine, but most would argue that the food value far outways any desire to cut it down for timber.

  • Burdekin Plum - Fruit Burdekin Plum - Fruit
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    Burdekin Plum
    Pleiogynium timorense

    This handsome hardy tree is frost and drought tolerant. The large deep purple plum like fruit are most edible when they are soft and fully ripened.

  • Native Pennyroyal - field Native Pennyroyal - field
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    Bush Mint
    Mentha satureioides

    This native mint has the scent of exotic pennyroyal but in bushtucker recipes can be used in the same way as common mint. Plants are low growing and clump forming, with tiny bee attracting white flowers appearing on mass during summer. Leaves are highly fragrant and said to aid insect repellent in the garden around cabbages and tomatoes.

  • Coast Banksia - Flower Coast Banksia - Flower
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    Coast Banksia
    Banksia integrifolia

    Coast Banksia trees produce flowers laden with sweet nectar in Autumn and Winter. Soak the flower in water to impart a sweet flavour or sit back and watch bees hum happily around the flowers on the tree as they gather pollen to feed their hive.

  • Pigface - Plant
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    Coastal Noonflower
    Carpobrotus glaucescens

    As the name indicates this groundcover naturally grows on coastal banks and has high wind and drought tolerance. This native plant plays an important role in erosion control. Both the leaves and fruit are edible.

  • Coastal Wattle - flowers Coastal Wattle - flowers
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    Coastal Wattle
    Acacia sophorae

    A dense spreading acacia shrub able to tolerate drought, wind, salt and moderate frosts. Seeds are edible and best tasting after being roasted or steamed in their pods.

  • Davidson Plum - Fruit Davidson Plum - Fruit
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    Davidson's Plum
    Davidsonia jerseyana

    The Davidson's Plum tree produces exquisite and much sort after fruit bourne in clusters on the trunk of the tree. The fruit is juicy and pleasantly sour to taste when raw, and fully appreciated when cooked. The tree is slender in form growing 6 to 10 meters depending on growing conditions.

  • Finger Lime - Branch
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    Finger Lime
    Microcitrus australasica

    When eaten raw the bubbles of lime will burst in your mouth, creating an explosion of flavour rivaled by no other.

  • Illawarra Plum - Leaves and unripe fruit Illawarra Plum - Leaves and unripe fruit
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    Illawarra Plum
    Podocarpus elatus

    The Illawarra Plum tree is a slow growing coniferous tree with a dense crown of slender glossy evergreen leaves. Splendid as a specimen tree it has been used by many councils to provide shade and beauty in parks and along streets. The plum like fruit tastes rich and sweet when fully ripened and the unique resinous qualities are enhanced by cooking, making...

  • Koda - Fruit Koda - Fruit
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    Ehretia acuminata

    The Koda is a rainforest pioneer tree native to several countries. This tree produces sweetly scented flowers and fruit, is fast growing, briefly deciduous, has valued timber, and is used in traditional Chinese medicine. A permaculture plant without doubt!

  • Lemon Aspen - Fruit Lemon Aspen - Fruit
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    Lemon Aspen
    Acronychia acidula

    The Lemon Aspen tree is a small tropical tree growing to 9 meters with glossy leaves and edible tart citrus flavoured fruit.

  • Lemon Scented Myrtle - Flowers Lemon Scented Myrtle - Flowers
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    Lemon Scented Myrtle
    Backhousia citriodora

    The vibrant lemon flavoured leaves will turn a cup of hot water into something special. The profuse white flowers and thick dark green leaves also bring beauty to the garden.

  • Lemon Scented Tea Tree - Shrub Lemon Scented Tea Tree - Shrub
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    Lemon Scented Tea Tree
    Leptospermum petersonii

    Leaves have a strong lemon aroma when crushed. Plants can be used as an effective screen or incorporated into a native garden featuring the fine copper green leaves.

  • Midyim Berry - Plant Midyim Berry - Plant
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    Midyim Berry
    Austromyrtus dulcis

    The midyim fruit is likened by many as the native equivalent to a blueberry. This small shrub is great for filling gaps in landscape plantings, happily growing in partial or full sun. The narrow leaves flush pink with new growth, we plant this shrub alongside pathways where the fruit can be easily snacked on when passing by.