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  • Coast Banksia - Flower Coast Banksia - Flower
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    Coast Banksia
    Banksia integrifolia

    Coast Banksia trees produce flowers laden with sweet nectar in Autumn and Winter. Soak the flower in water to impart a sweet flavour or sit back and watch bees hum happily around the flowers on the tree as they gather pollen to feed their hive.

  • Coastal Rosemary (Westingia fruticosa)
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    Coastal Rosemary
    Westingia fruticosa

    Coastal Rosemary is a very hardy native shrub, popular in street scaping due to its tolerance to high winds, full sun, salt spray and low water. This plant is host to the Rayed Blue butterfly. The shrub can be hedged or grown freely into a dense spreading shrub reaching 2m in height.

  • Curry Plant - Leaves Curry Plant - Leaves
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    Curry Plant
    Helichrysum italicum

    Small hardy compact herb with spectacular grey foliage. The curry scented leaves have moth and insect repellent qualities, some saying it even repels cats.

  • Dichondra Silver Falls
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    Dichondra Silver Falls
    Dichondra argentea

    Dichondra Silver Falls is a drought hardy ground cover with stunning silver foliage. Suited to hanging baskets or trailing over the edge of a planter box.

  • Dog Bane - Creative Potplant Dog Bane - Creative Potplant
    Dog Bane
    Plectranthus ornatus

    Dog Bane is hardy low growing dense shrub suitable for water-wise gardens. It tolerates dry poor soil conditions and will grow in full sun or part shade. Dog Bane is marketed with cat and dog repellent qualities and often named Dog Gone. Leaves are evergreen, succulent and pungent to smell when crushed.

  • Lavender - French - flowers Lavender - French - flowers
    French Lavender
    Lavandula stoechas

    This species of lavender is suited to growing in the sub-tropics. Flowers are a vibrant dark purple and the aromatic lavender leaves can be used as a pest repellent in the garden or in the home as you would with traditional English Lavender.

  • Flowering Garlic Chives Flowering Garlic Chives
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    Garlic Chives
    Allium tuberosum

    A herb that is widely used in a number of dishes including omlettes, stirfry's, dips and plenty more

  • Graptopetalum paraguayense
    Ghost Plant
    Graptopetalum paraguayense

    Ghost Plant is a low clumping succulent, with rosettes that change colour from grey-green to light purple when grown in full sun.

  • Kalanchoe Quicksilver - plant in flower Kalanchoe Quicksilver - plant in flower
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    Kalanchoe Quicksilver
    Kalanchoe pumila

    This small succulent shrub has powder blue-grey leaves that bring in tones of pink as they age. Light pink flowers with purple margins appear in late winter, a clear signal that spring will soon be upon us.

  • Lambs Ear - leaves
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    Lamb's Ear
    Stachys byzantina

    Lamb's Ear is a low growing perennial with soft felted silver leaves that are inviting to touch. Grown mostly as an ornamental you will find the leaves contrast well with other nearby plants in the front of the garden bed.

  • Lavender Scallops Lavender Scallops
    Lavender Scallops
    Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

    Highly ornamental selection of Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi (lavender scallops) with upright stems and incredible leaves. Leaf colour varies with age and season, older leaves are lavender-grey and newer leaves are blue-grey. Flowers in winter when many other plants don't. Block plant for dramatic colour effect in the garden all year round.

  • Mother of Herbs
    Mother of Herbs
    Plectranthus amboinicus

    Mother of Herbs is a prostrate herb that grows faster than any other in our garden. Highly aromatic leaves have a scent comparable to oregano and can be used to add great flavour to meat dishes.

  • Native Hibiscus - Young Plant
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    Native Hibiscus
    Hibiscus splendens

    The pink flowers on this hibiscus shrub are highly ornamental and edible.

  • Olive Tree
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    Olive Tree
    Olea europaea

    The olive tree means much to many past and present civilizations. Pickled olives and olive oil grace kitchens everywhere and the tree itself is beautiful.

  • Panda Plant
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    Panda Plant
    Kalanchoe tomentosa

    This succulent plant is popular for its felted blue-grey leaves dotted with chocolate brown margins. Grows best in a dry position and protected from the midday sun. Can be grown indoors in a well lit area.

  • Tillandsia utriculata
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    Tillandsia - Giant Air Plant
    Tillandsia utriculata

    Tillandsia utriculata is the largest species in its genus, growing to around 0.5m high x 1m wide. Floral bracts are erect and dark green with purple margins.

  • Tillandsia streptophylla - starting to flower Tillandsia streptophylla - starting to flower
    Tillandsia streptophylla
    Tillandsia streptophylla

    Tillandsia streptophylla is one of the larger airplants, it has long curled leaves and stunning frost pink inflorescence when in flower.