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  • Desert Surprise - plant
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    Desert Surprise
    Kalanchoe humilis

    The variegated green and burgundy leaves of this little kalanchoe plant are what makes it most attractive. Native to the tropics and sub-tropics of eastern Africa this succulent requires little water in winter and only moderate water in other seasons. It is best planted in a part-shade position in the garden.

  • Golden Hahnii
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    Golden Hahnii
    Sansevieria trifasciata cv

    This hardy shade tolerant succulent is a compact variegated variety of Mother-In-Laws Tongue. Wide yellow and green stripped leaves form a whorled rosette as they extend broadly from the base and taper up to a point.

  • Grey Star
    Grey Star
    Ctenanthe setosa

    Grey Star is a popular Ctenanthe due to is striking grey and maroon foliage. Block plant in the garden to achieve a tropical look with coloured foliage that can be enjoyed all year round.

  • Stenanthe setosa - leaves Stenanthe setosa - leaves
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    Hairy Prayer Plant
    Ctenanthe setosa

    The species name Setosa refers to the bristly stems on this plant. The patterned grey and green upper side of the leaf is contrast with a maroon underside, it certainly brings colour and a point of interest to shaded areas of the garden. It is perennial and evergreen, so its tropical foliage can be enjoyed all year round.

  • Lucky Stripe Bromeliad - leaves Lucky Stripe Bromeliad - leaves
    Lucky Stripe Bromeliad
    Aechmea Gamosepala

    White and green striped leaves bring a fresh crispness to the garden all year round. Matchstick flowers are blue and pink, and plants steadily offset to fill voids in the garden.

  • Mother of Herbs - Variegated
    Mother of Herbs - Variegated
    Plectranthus amboinicus

    Mother of Herbs is a prostrate herb that grows faster than any other in our garden, and the variegated form is just as vigorous. Leaves are very aromatic with a scent comparable to oregano and can be used to add great flavour to meat dishes.

  • Mother-in-Laws Tongue - Dwarf
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    Mother-in-Laws Tongue - Dwarf
    Sansevieria trifasciata 'Hahnii'

    This hardy shade tolerant succulent is a compact variety of Mother-In-Laws Tongue. Wide green leaves form a whorled rosette as they extend broadly from the base and taper up to a point. Mottled white bandings running across the leaf add an extra ornamental feature.

  • Neoregelia Prime Time
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    Neoregelia Prime Time
    Neoregelia spp

    A small growing Neo cultivar with mottled leaf markings of light green on burgundy-red. Markings strengthen as the leaves age. Best grown in part-shade.

  • Painted Fingernail Bromeliad - plant Painted Fingernail Bromeliad - plant
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    Painted Fingernail Bromeliad
    Neoregelia Spectabilis

    Green leaves with pink tips give the name Painted Fingernail to this bromeliad. Suited to part shade or full shade conditions in the garden, this brom can also be grown successfully indoors, which is sometimes necessary if you live in a region where temperatures drop below 1 degree celsius.

  • Song of India - leaves
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    Song of India
    Dracaena reflexa varigata

    Song of India is a bushy upright shrub with multiple upright branches that are thin and pliable and tend to dance on the wind as it passes by. Ornamental leaves are distinctively marked with a central green stripe sandwiched between cream-yellow edges.

  • Striped Dragon Tree
    Striped Dragon Tree
    Dracaena marginata 'Bicolour'

    Decorative green and cream striped leaves have faint pink edges on older leaves.

  • Variegated Caribbean Agave Variegated Caribbean Agave
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    Variegated Caribbean Agave
    Agave angustifolia 'Marginata'

    This ornamental agave is symetrically beautiful with green and white leaves that stand erectly in all directions.

  • Variegated Shell Ginger - Leaves Variegated Shell Ginger - Leaves
    Variegated Shell Ginger
    Alpinia zerumbet

    Ornamental clumping ginger with attractive green and yellow leaves. Grows best in part shade, and brings colour to understory plantings. Also suited to growing as an indoor houseplant.

  • Variegated Smooth Agave
    Variegated Smooth Agave
    Agave desmettiana 'Variegata'

    This agave has gently arched leaves that are light green in colour with yellow margins. Leaf edges are smooth and spiral around in a rosette to form a fluted vase shape which can reach 1m in height.

  • Sansevieria trifasciata var laurentii
    Variegated Snake Plant
    S. trifasciata "Laurentii"

    Leathery marbled grey-green leaves with yellow margins stand erect from the earth averaging 70cm in height. Once grown and harvested for its fibre to make bowstrings, it is now mostly grown as a hardy ornamental indoor plant and is well regarded for its air cleaning capabilities.