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Gingers & Heliconias

Gingers & Heliconias

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  • Dwarf Cardamom Ginger
    Alpinia nutans

    The lush tropical leaves of this ginger emit a strong cardamom-cinnamon like fragrance when crushed.

  • Ginger - Spiral Ginger
    Costus barbatus

    Soft green leaves spiral up to offer an exquisit red pink inflorescence with yellow tubular flowers appearing randomly each day. Native to tropical America it is most suited to growing in a humid environment, however it is a tough ginger and can be grown in many parts of Australia providing it is protected from the frost and kept well watered.

  • Greater Galangal
    Alpinia galanga

    Galangal is an evergreen broad leaved clumping ginger that grows up to two meters in height. It is a moderately fast growing plant that grows in full sun, part sun or heavy shade and makes a wonderful screen in a tropical styled garden.

  • Heliconia - Lizette
    Heliconia psittacorum

    Lizette grows well in part or full shade, tolerating full sun in the morning too. Ornamental pink and soft lemon flowers spear forth in summer, accented beautifully by its lush dark green foliage.

  • Heliconia - St Vincent Red
    Heliconia psittacorum

    St Vincent Red Heliconia is a hardy tropical plant capable of growing in full sun and not looking too scrappy. Flowers spear forth in summer, reflecting the colours of the sun, with vibrant oranges and reds that draw the eye from a distance.

  • Native Ginger
    Alpinia caerulea

    This native ginger plant has edible fruit, seed, leaf and rhizome. It is also an attractive understory plant growing to 2m with flowers in Spring.

  • True Cardamom
    Elettaria cardamomum

    The fragrant seeds from the cardamom plant are an essential ingredient in many asian dishes. The leaf and root are also used in cooking.

  • Turmeric
    Curcuma longa

    This beautiful flowering plant belongs to the ginger family and has many health benefits with regular eating. Medicinally turmeric is used as an antiseptic and an anti-inflammitory. Turmeric originates from the forest floors of South Asia where the tuber is commonly used as a cooking spice and as yellow dye for clothing in India.

  • Variegated Shell Ginger
    Alpinia zerumbet

    Ornamental clumping ginger with attractive green and yellow leaves. Grows best in part shade, and brings colour to understory plantings. Also suited to growing as an indoor houseplant.