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  • Agapanthus - Blue
    Agapanthus praecox

    Deep green strappy leaves with clusters of blue flowers blooming in Summer are a treat to the eye when Agapanthus are block planted along a boarder together.

  • Bay Tree
    Laurus nobilis

    The Bay Tree has many qualities, with the edible leaf being a well known culinary herb. In the garden the plant has insect repellent qualities, acting as a guardian to nearby plants more susceptible to insect attack. Slow growing the tree will eventually reach heights in excess of 10 meters if left unpruned.

  • Garlic Chives
    Allium tuberosum

    A herb that is widely used in a number of dishes including omlettes, stirfry's, dips and plenty more

  • Hoop Pine
    Araucaria cunninghamii

    The hoop pine is an ancient native conifer tree which can grow to over 40 meters in suitable conditions. Tolerant of coastal conditions, pollution, high winds and drought the hoop pine is so versatile that it is often found in windbreaks on farms through to streetscapes on the coast.

  • Orange Jasmine
    Murraya paniculata

    Popular fast growing hedging or screening shrub with attractive and highly scented white flowers.

  • Variegated Smooth Agave
    Agave desmettiana 'Variegata'

    This agave has gently arched leaves that are light green in colour with yellow margins. Leaf edges are smooth and spiral around in a rosette to form a fluted vase shape which can reach 1m in height.

  • Variegated Snake Plant
    S. trifasciata "Laurentii"

    Leathery marbled grey-green leaves with yellow margins stand erect from the earth averaging 70cm in height. Once grown and harvested for its fibre to make bowstrings, it is now mostly grown as a hardy ornamental indoor plant and is well regarded for its air cleaning capabilities.