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  • Watercress
    Nasturtium officinale

    Watercress is a semi-aquatic leafy green vegetable high in nutrients and minerals including vitamin C and iron.

  • Waxvine
    Hoya australis

    Hoya australis, commonly known as the waxvine, is a native rainforest vine with succulent evergreen leaves and clusters of white pink fragrant flowers.

  • West Indian Arrowroot
    Maranta arundinacea

    The West Indian Arrowroot rhizome is high in starch and is the commercial source of arrowroot flour. In the garden it is a great living mulch plant, just chop and drop when needed. Rapid leaf growth takes place over summer, dying back in winter at which time the tubers are ready to harvest. This is a lovely showy plant to have in the garden whether you...

  • Wild Tamarind
    Leucaena leucocephala

    Wild Tamarind is a fast growing leguminous tree to 6 metres with various uses including fodder food, shade tree, nitrogen setting, and charcoal manufacture. In a balanced diet Wild Tamarind is a great tropical fodder crop. We believe it is best kept in a maintained agricultural environment to ensure it does not become weedy (livestock will always munch...

  • Wombat Berry
    Eustrephus latifolius

    This native vine is a delicate climber with light pink flowers appearing in summer. Root tubers are sweet and juicy eaten raw or baked.

  • Yarrow
    Achillea millefolium

    Yarrow is a beautiful and giving herb. The soft fern like leaves and seasonal sprays of flowers are a visual delight and the long list of uses never fail to amaze.

  • Youngberry
    Rubus spp.

    Youngberry is a complex hybrid with large sweet berry fruits that are a fusion of raspberry, blackberry, and dewberry. 

  • Zanzibar Gem
    Zamioculcas zamiifolia

    The glossy succulent leaves of this plant are known for their architectual beauty. The Zanzibar enjoys little to no direct sunlight and less than average water, for this reason the plant is often grown as an indoor pot plant.