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  • Crucifix Orchid - Burgundy
    Crucifix Orchid - Burgundy
    Epidendrum ibaguense

    This crucifix orchid has burgundy flowers. Crucifix orchids are exotic epiphytic plants from tropical america which are very drought hardy and require little watering. It can cope with a light frost but prefers frost-free conditions.

  • Crucifix Orchid - Orange
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    Crucifix Orchid - Orange
    Epidendrum ibaguense

    The crucifix orchid is an exotic epiphytic plant from tropical america. This plant is very drought hardy and requires little watering, it can cope with a light frost but prefers frost-free conditions.

  • Vanilla Bean Orchid
    Vanilla Bean Vine
    Vanilla planifolia

    This vine is the source of vanilla bean and belongs to the orchid family of plants. Vanilla is cultivated on a global scale for its flavour and aroma. Growing the vine and hand-pollinating the flowers is a manual process, therefore making it very expensive to buy at the shops.


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