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  • Aeonium Black Velour
    A. arboretum 'Black Velour'

    Aeonium Black Velour is a small hardy succulent shrub from the sub-tropic Canary Island growing to around 0.5m in height. Multiple rosettes of black-red leaves crowning each branch and yellow star shaped flowers bloom in Spring.

  • Cordyline Negra
    Cordyline fruiticosa - Negra

    Cordyline Negra has a slender form with mulitple upright branches, each topped with stunning black-green strappy leaves. It grows to 2 meters in height and produces clusters of pink-purple flowers in Summer.

  • Red Malaysian Guava
    Psidium guajava

    Beautiful dark red skinned fruits ripen in Summer with sweet pinkish pulp. The tree is highly ornamental, with deep red colored leaves and fluffy pink flowers.

  • Taro - Black Magic
    Colocasia esculenta

    This ornamental Taro has black leaves and is known as Black Magic. Growing to more than 2 meters in ideal conditions the leaves will contrast beautifully against green foliage. Taro grows well in a bog garden or in a pond submerged down to 50cm.