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  • Fire Sticks
    Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Rosea’

     The Fire Stick succulent is a mass of pencil thin branches that change in colour with the season and access to sunlight. When planted in full sun, the branches will be more orange-red in colour during Winter, and then fade back to green-yellow in Summer.

  • Flap Jacks
    Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

    The leaves of the flap jack rise up from the ground without stems, encasing each other like a flower. The red colouring in the leaves strengthens with the amount of sun it receives.

  • Neoregelia Fireball
    Neoregelia spp

    A hardy min Neo cultivar with pink-red leaves that enjoys full or part sun. Colour intensifies if grown in more sun.

  • Neoregelia Prime Time
    Neoregelia spp

    A small growing Neo cultivar with mottled leaf markings of light green on burgundy-red. Markings strengthen as the leaves age. Best grown in part-shade.