List of products by A to Z Plant names starting with "J"

This is a listing of our nursery plants whose name starts with "J".
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  • Jaboticaba
    Plinia cauliflora

    Depending on climate and growing conditions the Jaboticaba will mature at a height of 3 to 5 meters. The compact upright form of the shrub makes it a wonderful screening plant that can be pruned to a desired height. Fruit grows on the old growth stems and trunk so pruning a mature plant will result in reduced yield.

  • Jackfruit
    Artocarpus heterophyllus

    Jackfruit trees produce very large fruit, which ripen anywhere from mid Spring through to early Autumn. The spiked skin encases clusters of sweet golden pulp which has been described as similar in flavour to juicy fruit bubble gum.

  • Jade Plant
    Crassula ovata

    The Jade Plant is a large succulent shrub with glossy green round leaves trimmed with red that gets stronger with the sun. Highly ornamental it can been easily grown in pots or even indoors providing it is well lit and the soil is free draining.

  • Jerusalem Artichoke
    Helianthus tuberosus

    The nutty flavoured tubers can be used in cooking like potatoes. Closely related to the sunflower plant, the Jerusalem Artichoke enjoys similar growing conditions. Growing to about 1.5m, the tubers are ready to harvest once the foliage dies back.   Tubers have a short shelf life so they are best stored in the ground and dug up when needed, else stored in...

  • Jicama
    Pachyrhizus erosus

    The Jicama is a fast growing climber with edible tubers. The vines appear in Spring and die back in Autumn, if left to grow over an outdoor frame they will provide shade cover very quickly for Summer.