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This is a listing of our nursery plants whose name starts with "M".
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  • Bowen Mango
    Mangifera indica

    Bowen Mango trees produce sweet, delicious, high quality fruit. Trees start to produce fruit at around three years of age, and reach cropping maturity at around 7 years.

  • Macadamia Nut Tree
    Macadamia tetraphylla

    The macadamia nut is delicious and proudly native to Australia. It is a popular bushfood without question.

  • Malabar Chestnut
    Pachira glabra

    This fast growing tropical tree with dark glossy evergreen leaves makes a stunning ornamental and shade tree. Medium sized and variable in height depending on the conditions, it is hardy but does not tolerate frost.

  • Malay Dwarf Bamboo
    Bambusa heterostachya

    A dense bushy bamboo, typically growing up to 4m high and 3m wide. Responds well to hedging, and is great to use as a privacy screen, wind break or noise break.

  • Matchstick Bromeliad
    Aechmea gamosepala

    Low maintenance and extremely hardy the Matchstick Bromeliad can grow in depleted soils and heavy shade. Blue and pink flowers bloom in Winter and plants quickly offset to fill voids in the garden.

  • Midyim Berry
    Austromyrtus dulcis

    The midyim fruit is likened by many as the native equivalent to a blueberry. This small shrub is great for filling gaps in landscape plantings, happily growing in partial or full sun. The narrow leaves flush pink with new growth, we plant this shrub alongside pathways where the fruit can be easily snacked on when passing by.

  • Miniature Pine Tree
    Crassula tetragona

    A small woody stemmed succulent shrub with stiff green leaves atop that give this plant its common name - Miniature Pine Tree. Easy to grow and suitable for growing as a bonsai and indoors in a well lit place.

  • Moneywort
    Lysimachia nummularia

    Moneywort is a perennial creeping herb and a very attractive groundcover. Having this plant in the garden may bring a feeling of wealth with its string of small coin shaped leaves. The crushed leaves have been used on wounds of any kind. Traditionally it was used as a tea to treat scurvy and respiratory ailments.

  • Moringa Tree
    Moringa Oleifera

    The Moringa Tree is drought hardy and highly nutritious, making it a popular food crop to grow in hotter regions of the world where it thrives. Leaves, young seed pods and cooked flowers are cultivated and eaten as a vegetables, oil used in food production is extracted from the seeds, and the tree itself makes a great windbreak.

  • Mother of Herbs
    Plectranthus amboinicus

    Mother of Herbs is a prostrate herb that grows faster than any other in our garden. Highly aromatic leaves have a scent comparable to oregano and can be used to add great flavour to meat dishes.

  • Mother of Herbs - Variegated
    Plectranthus amboinicus

    Mother of Herbs is a prostrate herb that grows faster than any other in our garden, and the variegated form is just as vigorous. Leaves are very aromatic with a scent comparable to oregano and can be used to add great flavour to meat dishes.

  • Mother-in-Laws Tongue - Dwarf
    Sansevieria trifasciata 'Hahnii'

    This hardy shade tolerant succulent is a compact variety of Mother-In-Laws Tongue. Wide green leaves form a whorled rosette as they extend broadly from the base and taper up to a point. Mottled white bandings running across the leaf add an extra ornamental feature.

  • Mugwort
    Artemisia vulgaris

    Mugwort is a woody upright shurb that grows up to 2m. Mugwort has been used medicinally and spiritually throughout the ages. The leaf is also reported to be used as a culinary herb although we are yet to try it in any way.

  • Mushroom Plant
    Rungia klossii

    A small clumping shrub to 60cm from Papua New Guinea where it is commonly eaten as a leafy green vegetable. The dark glossy green leaves with a yellow stripe do not look like a mushroom, but the flavour is similar. High in calcium, chlorophyll and vitamin C this plant has many benefits beyond the kitchen.

  • Orange Jasmine
    Murraya paniculata

    Popular fast growing hedging or screening shrub with attractive and highly scented white flowers.