List of products by A to Z Plant names starting with "N"

This is a listing of our nursery plants whose name starts with "N".
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  • Narrow Leaf Lilly Pilly
    Syzygium smithii

    This lilly pilly is a popular screening plant used in landscape designs. Fragrant white flowers come in autumn and summer, followed by crisp refreshing edible tart fruits.

  • Nasturtium
    Tropaeolum majus

    The bright coloured flowers of the nastursium make it a real flowering event in our garden each year. Easy to grow, the flowers and leaves of this annual plant can be added to season salads.

  • Native Ginger
    Alpinia caerulea

    This native ginger plant has edible fruit, seed, leaf and rhizome. It is also an attractive understory plant growing to 2m with flowers in Spring.

  • Native Hibiscus
    Hibiscus splendens

    The pink flowers on this hibiscus shrub are highly ornamental and edible.

  • Native Tamarind
    Diploglottis cunninghamii

    A sub-tropical pioneer tree with a slender trunk and a high umbrella shaped canopy. The orange fruit is juicy yet sour in taste, a favourite with children.

  • Native Violet
    Viola hederacea

    A wonderful dense and vigorous creeping groundcover which enjoys moist soil and partial sun. We find it suppress weeds in the understory of garden beds and reduces the need to mulch. The flowers are edible and add a touch of beauty to summer salads.

  • Neoregelia Fireball
    Neoregelia spp

    A hardy min Neo cultivar with pink-red leaves that enjoys full or part sun. Colour intensifies if grown in more sun.

  • Neoregelia Prime Time
    Neoregelia spp

    A small growing Neo cultivar with mottled leaf markings of light green on burgundy-red. Markings strengthen as the leaves age. Best grown in part-shade.

  • Night Scented Jessamine
    Cestrum nocturnum

    The flowers of the night scented jessamine truely fill the air at night. Evergreen and fast growing, this shrub has an open sprawling habit but can be cut back once a year to keep it more compact.