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This is a listing of our nursery plants whose name starts with "R".
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  • Red Apple - Young Tree Red Apple - Young Tree
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    Red Apple
    Syzygium ingens

    The Red Apple is a fast growing rainforest tree with smooth bark, reddish new leaf growth, and pink-white flowers in spring and summer. The timber is useful and the edible sour red fruit is best used in preserves and sauces.

  • Red Jelly Bean Plant
    Red Jelly Bean Plant
    Sedum rubrotinctum

    This plant is grown for its ornamental qualities. In summer the succulent jelly bean shaped leaves change from green to red. It tolerates a wide variety of conditions except for frost and can be grown in gardens or pots.

  • Rhipsalis - Hairy Stemmed flowers and fruit Rhipsalis - Hairy Stemmed flowers and fruit
  • Riberry - Fruit Cluster Riberry - Fruit Cluster
    Syzygium luehmanii

    This weeping evergreen rainforest tree offers clusters of popular bushfood fruit and is commonly used in street landscaping.

  • Rose-leaf Raspberry - Fruit Rose-leaf Raspberry - Fruit
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    Rose-leaf Raspberry
    Rubus rosifolius

    The fruit from this raspberry is highly variable in flavour depending on the conditions in which it is grown. The sweetest yields will be obtained when grown in full sun with moist soil. The leaf provides valuable medicinal benefits to a women's reproductive system. Note: This plant does sucker and can extend beyond the garden if planted without edging.

  • Rosella - Fruit Rosella - Fruit
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    Hibiscus sabdariffa

    The Rosella plant is a fast growing annual with few known pests. The fruit is very versatile. Often found as a jam on Queensland grocery shelves, it can also be used to make cordials and syrups, and has been traditionally dried and used as a tea in parts of Europe.

  • Rosemary - Flowers Rosemary - Flowers
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    Rosemarinus officinalis

    It's hard to imagine a herb garden without Rosemary. This is such a versatile and well known culinary herb. The shrub grows to around 1m, taking up little room in the garden and adding beauty and fragrance when in flower during spring.

  • Round Lime - Leaves
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    Round Lime
    Microcitrus australis

    The lime fruit from this native citrus tree is lesser known than the finger lime, but similar in taste. A slow growing slender tree to approx 5m+, native to coastal sub-tropical rainforests of northern NSW and Queensland. This plant also provides great protection and habitat for small birds.