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  • Beach Flax Lily - Plant Beach Flax Lily - Plant
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    Beach Flax Lily
    Dianella congesta

    This hardy flax lilly has shiny bright blue bunches of fruit. The plant can serve many purposes. It is good for binding sand and reducing soil erosion. Aborigines used the silky strong leaf fibre to make string and baskets. The fruit is used for blue dye and is also edible. The berries are arguably the best tasting of all 15 flax lillies native to Australia.

  • Papyrus
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    Giant Papyrus
    Cyperus papyrus

    Papyrus is a clumping aquatic plant that was used most famously in history by ancient Egyptians to make paper. Native to the Nile river, papyrus thrives as a submerged water plant in full or part sun and is sensitive to frost. In modern times the papyrus can be used to purifying and clean water, or simply grown as an ornamental.

  • Kapok Tree
    Kapok Tree
    Ceiea pentandra

    The Kapok Tree is native to rainforests of tropical America. Up until the introduction of synthetics the tree was grown commercially for its fibre. The tree is a fast growing pioneer that can reach majestic heights of up to 60 meters.

  • Pandanas Pandanas
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    Pandanus tectorius

    Pandanas grows throughout the sub-tropics and tropics and is well suited to frontline coastal conditions.

  • Peanut Tree - Leaves
    Peanut Tree
    Sterculia quadrifida

    Peanut flavoured nuts from this semi-deciduous tree make great a snackfood. Eat raw or roasted or pioneer new recipes with this difficult to find ingredient.

  • Rosella - Fruit Rosella - Fruit
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    Hibiscus sabdariffa

    The Rosella plant is a fast growing annual with few known pests. The fruit is very versatile. Often found as a jam on Queensland grocery shelves, it can also be used to make cordials and syrups, and has been traditionally dried and used as a tea in parts of Europe.

  • Sansevieria trifasciata var laurentii
    Variegated Snake Plant
    S. trifasciata "Laurentii"

    Leathery marbled grey-green leaves with yellow margins stand erect from the earth averaging 70cm in height. Once grown and harvested for its fibre to make bowstrings, it is now mostly grown as a hardy ornamental indoor plant and is well regarded for its air cleaning capabilities.