List of products by A to Z Plant names starting with "V"

This is a listing of our nursery plants whose name starts with "V".
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  • Vanilla Bean Vine
    Vanilla planifolia

    This vine is the source of vanilla bean and belongs to the orchid family of plants. Vanilla is cultivated on a global scale for its flavour and aroma. Growing the vine and hand-pollinating the flowers is a manual process, therefore making it very expensive to buy at the shops.

  • Variegated Shell Ginger
    Alpinia zerumbet

    Ornamental clumping ginger with attractive green and yellow leaves. Grows best in part shade, and brings colour to understory plantings. Also suited to growing as an indoor houseplant.

  • Vietnamese Mint
    Persicaria odorata

    Although not apart of the mint family this asian herb has similar characteristics. Vietnamese Mint is spicy and hot in flavour, great for making authentic vietnamese rice paper rolls, salads and laksa soups.