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  • Bali Blowpipe Bamboo
    Schizostachyum iraten

    The culms on this bamboo are slender and compact, growing 4-5m in height, with a slight weeping habit at the top. Useful as a fast growing screening plant, with culms also used in South East Asia to make fishing rods, blow pipes and flutes.

  • Bay Tree
    Laurus nobilis

    The Bay Tree has many qualities, with the edible leaf being a well known culinary herb. In the garden the plant has insect repellent qualities, acting as a guardian to nearby plants more susceptible to insect attack. Slow growing the tree will eventually reach heights in excess of 10 meters if left unpruned.

  • Beach Birds Eye
    Alectryon Coriaceus

    Depending on severity of coastal conditions this hardy shrub grows up to 5m and bears sweet red fruit that look like birds eyes.

  • Brazilian Cherry
    Eugenia uniflora

    The Brazilian Cherry bears edible red cherry like fruit. Useful as a screening plant it can be hedged to size, or allowed to grow into a small tree which will slowly reach its natural height of around 7 meters. The leaves bring colour with the seasons as they change to red during winter, and glossy vibrant green during the summer rainy season.

  • Brush Cherry
    Syzygium australe

    The Brush Cherry produces tangy and enjoyable fruit however it's mostly planted in gardens as a fast growing screen, and is well known for it's hardiness.

  • Cassava
    Manihot esculenta

    The starchy tubers from the cassava plant are a staple food for many people throughout the world. High in carbohydrates, cassava has been cultivated for thousands of years. Plants are grown from stem cuttings which quickly grow into a shrub whilst forming multiple tubers underground.

  • Chinese Dwarf Bamboo
    Bambusa guangxiensis

    Chinese Dwarf bamboo grows naturally to 3-4m, but responds very well to hedging to a lower preferred height. Its dense and compact growth habit is softened by lush green foliage.

  • Feijoa
    Acca sellowiana

    The Feijoa is an ornamental shrub from South America with delicious fruit. Shrubs are dense and leafy which makes them suitable for screening.

  • Jaboticaba
    Plinia cauliflora

    Depending on climate and growing conditions the Jaboticaba will mature at a height of 3 to 5 meters. The compact upright form of the shrub makes it a wonderful screening plant that can be pruned to a desired height. Fruit grows on the old growth stems and trunk so pruning a mature plant will result in reduced yield.

  • Lemon Scented Tea Tree
    Leptospermum petersonii

    Leaves have a strong lemon aroma when crushed. Plants can be used as an effective screen or incorporated into a native garden featuring the fine copper green leaves.

  • Malay Dwarf Bamboo
    Bambusa heterostachya

    A dense bushy bamboo, typically growing up to 4m high and 3m wide. Responds well to hedging, and is great to use as a privacy screen, wind break or noise break.

  • Narrow Leaf Lilly Pilly
    Syzygium smithii

    This lilly pilly is a popular screening plant used in landscape designs. Fragrant white flowers come in autumn and summer, followed by crisp refreshing edible tart fruits.

  • Orange Berry (BUY 3 GET 1 FREE)
    Glycosmis trifoliata

    Fragrant white flowers are followed by clusters of translucent pink fruits that are citrus in flavour. The fruit is sweet and juicy but slightly resinous. Eat fresh or use the berries to create delicious and uniquely flavoured jams and sauces.

  • Orange Jasmine
    Murraya paniculata

    Popular fast growing hedging or screening shrub with attractive and highly scented white flowers.

  • Red Malaysian Guava
    Psidium guajava

    Beautiful dark red skinned fruits ripen in Summer with sweet pinkish pulp. The tree is highly ornamental, with deep red colored leaves and fluffy pink flowers.

  • Riberry
    Syzygium luehmanii

    This weeping evergreen rainforest tree offers clusters of popular bushfood fruit and is commonly used in street landscaping.

  • Song of India
    Dracaena reflexa varigata

    Song of India is a bushy upright shrub with multiple upright branches that are thin and pliable and tend to dance on the wind as it passes by. Ornamental leaves are distinctively marked with a central green stripe sandwiched between cream-yellow edges.