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  • Coastal Wattle - flowers Coastal Wattle - flowers
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    Coastal Wattle
    Acacia sophorae

    A dense spreading acacia shrub able to tolerate drought, wind, salt and moderate frosts. Seeds are edible and best tasting after being roasted or steamed in their pods.

  • Icecream Bean flower Icecream Bean flower
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    Icecream Bean
    Inga edulis

    The Icecream Bean tree is highly valued on our property for it's sweet fruit, leaves for animal fodder, shade in summer and for its timber. Being leguminous this tree also improves the soil around it by fixing nitrogen through it's root system.

  • Jicama - Seed Pods Jicama - Seed Pods
    Pachyrhizus erosus

    The Jicama is a fast growing climber with edible tubers. The vines appear in Spring and die back in Autumn, if left to grow over an outdoor frame they will provide shade cover very quickly for Summer.

  • Pigeon Pea - Pods Pigeon Pea - Pods
    Pigeon Pea
    Cajanus cajan

    Pigeon pea is a small woody tree known for it's drought hardiness and food value throughout dry arid regions of the world. In India pigoen pea is known as toor dal and commonly eaten in soups and stews.

  • Poinciana flowers Poinciana flowers
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    Poinciana Tree
    Delonix regia

    The Poinciana is a beautiful ornamental shade tree, with masses of showy red blooms that dominate its broad canopy in summer.

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  • Tamarind fruit on the tree Tamarind fruit on the tree
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    Tamarindus indica

    The Tamarind is a tropical tree from Africa, now grown around the globe because of its wonderful sweet and sour fruit. Growing to around 18 meters, with abundant dainty fine evergreen leaves the Tamarind tree is a beautiful ornamental that will provide you with ample shade year round.

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  • Wild Tamarind - Young Plant
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    Wild Tamarind
    Leucaena leucocephala

    Wild Tamarind is a fast growing leguminous tree to 6 metres with various uses including fodder food, shade tree, nitrogen setting, and charcoal manufacture. In a balanced diet Wild Tamarind is a great tropical fodder crop. We believe it is best kept in a maintained agricultural environment to ensure it does not become weedy (livestock will always munch...