List of products by A to Z Plant names starting with "C"

This is a listing of our nursery plants whose name starts with "C".
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  • Cape Gooseberry
    Physalis peruviana

    Gold-orange bite sized fruit bursts in your mouth with a sweet tart flavour. Eat raw, add to fruit salads, or make a desert using numerous recipes on the web.   Grey-green soft heart shaped foliage and papery husks encasing the fruit makes this a very pretty small shrub when grown in suitable conditions.

  • Cassava
    Manihot esculenta

    The starchy tubers from the cassava plant are a staple food for many people throughout the world. High in carbohydrates, cassava has been cultivated for thousands of years. Plants are grown from stem cuttings which quickly grow into a shrub whilst forming multiple tubers underground.

  • Cat's Whiskers
    Orthosiphon aristatus

    This herb gets its name from the white whiskered flowers which bloom in Summer and Autumn, however it is most widely grown for the medicinal qualities of its leaves. Cat's Whiskers leaves are sold as tea in South East Asia and known as Java Tea or Kidney Tea.

  • Catnip
    Nepeta cataria

    Best known as stimulant for cats this perennial shrub also benefits humans. If mosquitoes are out we pick and bruise the fresh leaves then rub them over exposed arms and legs as a repellent.   Prepared and taken internally this herb also has sedative effects which has been used to treat digestive complaints, migraines, nervousness and insomnia.

  • Chinese Dwarf Bamboo
    Bambusa guangxiensis

    Chinese Dwarf bamboo grows naturally to 3-4m, but responds very well to hedging to a lower preferred height. Its dense and compact growth habit is softened by lush green foliage.

  • Chinese Water Chestnut
    Eleocharis dulcis

    Water Chestnut is an aquatic rush-like plant which grows in full sun and thrives in soil covered with 10 – 30 cm of water. Erect, narrow, tube-shaped leaves shoot from an edible corm.

  • Citronella Grass
    Cymbopogon nardus

    Citronella grass is drought and sun hardy. We have a clump planted near the outdoor seating area which helps to repel the mossies when the leaves are crushed or bruised.

  • Coast Banksia
    Banksia integrifolia

    Coast Banksia trees produce flowers laden with sweet nectar in Autumn and Winter. Soak the flower in water to impart a sweet flavour or sit back and watch bees hum happily around the flowers on the tree as they gather pollen to feed their hive.

  • Coastal Noonflower
    Carpobrotus glaucescens

    As the name indicates this groundcover naturally grows on coastal banks and has high wind and drought tolerance. This native plant plays an important role in erosion control. Both the leaves and fruit are edible.

  • Coastal Rosemary
    Westingia fruticosa

    Coastal Rosemary is a very hardy native shrub, popular in street scaping due to its tolerance to high winds, full sun, salt spray and low water. This plant is host to the Rayed Blue butterfly. The shrub can be hedged or grown freely into a dense spreading shrub reaching 2m in height.

  • Coastal Wattle
    Acacia sophorae

    A dense spreading acacia shrub able to tolerate drought, wind, salt and moderate frosts. Seeds are edible and best tasting after being roasted or steamed in their pods.

  • Coffee
    Coffea arabica

    Coffee is a globally adored bean but how many of us grow it and get to appreciate this beautiful small tree in the garden? Glossy ornamental leaves can be enjoyed all year round, and in spring you can enjoy your own home grown coffee once the berries ripen to red and are ready for harvest.

  • Comfrey
    Symphytum officinale

    This valuable herb has many uses. Medicinal application of comfrey root and leaf has been documented extensively, mostly in healing bruises, soft tissue damage and broken bones.   We use comfrey leaves as a compost ingredient, feed them to chooks in a forage system, and use them as mulch when the plant dies back over winter.

  • Coppertone Sedum
    Sedum nussbaumerianum

    Low growing succulent with orange green pointed leaves that intensify to copper in colour when grown in full sun. Tolerates frost to -2 degrees and grows well in free draining soil positioned in either full or part sun.

  • Cordyline Negra
    Cordyline fruiticosa - Negra

    Cordyline Negra has a slender form with mulitple upright branches, each topped with stunning black-green strappy leaves. It grows to 2 meters in height and produces clusters of pink-purple flowers in Summer.

  • Crown of Thorns - Miniature Cream Flowers
    Euphorbia milii

    A compact small thorny shrub that is almost always in bloom with clusters of the most beautiful miniature cream flowers. Deep green leaves and long lasting bloom make a very attractive, fast growing hybrid.

  • Crown of Thorns - Miniature Red Flowers
    Euphorbia milii

    A compact small thorny shrub that is almost always in bloom with clusters of the most beautiful miniature red flowers. Deep green leaves and long lasting bloom make a very attractive, fast growing hybrid.

  • Crucifix Orchid - Burgundy
    Epidendrum ibaguense

    This crucifix orchid has burgundy flowers. Crucifix orchids are exotic epiphytic plants from tropical america which are very drought hardy and require little watering. It can cope with a light frost but prefers frost-free conditions.

  • Crucifix Orchid - Orange
    Epidendrum ibaguense

    The crucifix orchid is an exotic epiphytic plant from tropical america. This plant is very drought hardy and requires little watering, it can cope with a light frost but prefers frost-free conditions.

  • Curry Leaf Tree
    Murraya koenigi

    The Curry Tree is a small elegant tree with an abundance of glossy leaves. Leaves realease a curry aroma when crushed, and when fried they provide a delicious crunchy garnish to stir-fries.

  • Curry Plant
    Helichrysum italicum

    Small hardy compact herb with spectacular grey foliage. The curry scented leaves have moth and insect repellent qualities, some saying it even repels cats.

  • True Cardamom
    Elettaria cardamomum

    The fragrant seeds from the cardamom plant are an essential ingredient in many asian dishes. The leaf and root are also used in cooking.