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Malay Dwarf Bamboo


A dense bushy bamboo, typically growing up to 4m high and 3m wide. Responds well to hedging, and is great to use as a privacy screen, wind break or noise break.

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Native to Malaysia



Grows best in the tropics and sub-tropics in free draining soil. Copes well with seasonal dry spells and tolerates cold temperatures down to -2° C.

Propagates by seed or division.


Strips of the culm are used to make baskets.

Living plant used in the landscape as a privacy screen, wind and/or noise barrier.

SizeBig shrub/small tree (3-7m)
Growth RateFast
Sun ExposureFull sun
Life CyclePerennial
Frost ResistanceLow
Wind ToleranceModerate
Dry ToleranceModerate
Flower ColourBrown
Scented FlowersNo
Aromatic FoliageNo
Harvest SeasonYear round

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