Brush Cherry - Fruit Expand

Brush Cherry


The Brush Cherry produces tangy and enjoyable fruit however it's mostly planted in gardens as a fast growing screen, and is well known for it's hardiness.

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Scrub Cherry, Creek Lilly-Pilly, Creek Satinash, Australian Rose Apple, Watergum



Native to sub-tropical and tropical coastal rainforests of eastern Australia.



Brush Cherry is one of 50 syzigium species native to Australia. It is a fast growing evergreen tree with brownish red new leaf growth that matures to a glossy green. Plant height will vary with growing conditions, reaching 30+ meters in old growth forest conditions but only averaging 8 meters in cultivated gardens.

White fluffy clusters of flowers are produced in Summer and early Autumn, resulting in fruit being ready to harvest in Winter.



The Brush Cherry has dense foliage and responds very well to pruning, two features which result in it being a great hedging and screening plant.

Dark pink fruits are sour but edible both raw and cooked. High pectin content makes it great for making chutney, jams, and jellies.

The dense attractive grain of the tree makes it well regarded for use as cabinet timber.

SizeMedium tree (8-15m)
Growth RateMedium
Sun ExposureFull sun
Sun ExposurePartial sun
Life CyclePerennial
Frost ResistanceLow
Wind ToleranceHigh
Dry ToleranceLow
Flower ColourWhite
Aromatic FoliageNo
Flower SeasonSummer
Harvest SeasonWinter

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