Sandpaper Fig - Leaves Expand

Sandpaper Fig


For the fruit to be delicious it must be fully ripened. However in the wild variable flavours can occur ranging from sweet to insipid. This fig is an important food plant for native butterflies, birds and bats. As the name suggests the leaves can be used to sand wood.

The Sandpaper Fig is found naturally growing along water courses and prevents erosion with its fast growing binding roots.

More details

  • Plant - 140mm pot


Butterfly host plant for the Purple Moonbeam and Common Crow butterflies

SizeMedium tree (8-15m)
Growth RateMedium
UsesAttract Butterflies
Sun ExposureFull sun
Life CyclePerennial
Frost ResistanceLow
Wind ToleranceModerate
Dry ToleranceLow
Flower ColourGreen