Sansevieria trifasciata var laurentii Expand

Variegated Snake Plant


Leathery marbled grey-green leaves with yellow margins stand erect from the earth averaging 70cm in height. Once grown and harvested for its fibre to make bowstrings, it is now mostly grown as a hardy ornamental indoor plant and is well regarded for its air cleaning capabilities.

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  • Plant - 140mm pot


Mother-in-laws Tongue, Bowstring Hemp, Good Luck Plant, Tigers Tail, Sword of Saint George



Native to Nigeria in Central Africa



Propagation of Sansevierias is normally by root division, because propagation from seed and cuttings results in loss of variegated qualities in the species. Sansevierias will grow in most conditions both indoors and out, however ensure plants are not subject to frost or overwatered which will result in root rot.



Based on NASA research Sansevieria plants are great for cleaning the air from toxins like nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde. This in addition to the plants high tolerance for irregular watering and low care makes it a great indoor plant for homes and offices.

This plant is also known as Bowstring Hemp, this is because the fibre in its leaves is so strong that it was grown and used to make bow stings. Very strong!

SizeSmall shrub (to 1m)
Growth RateFast
Sun ExposurePartial sun
Sun ExposureShade
Life CyclePerennial
Frost ResistanceLow
Wind ToleranceModerate
Dry ToleranceHigh
Flower ColourWhite
Scented FlowersNo
Aromatic FoliageNo
Flower SeasonSummer