How We Grow Our Plants

We believe that gardening should be in harmony with nature and not work against it. We encourage growing systems like food forests and companion planting which benefit both gardener and garden inhabitants. Creating wildlife habitats and providing food for pollenators and insect predators all adds diversity to the garden and helps keep nature in balance.

We try not to use any chemicals at all in our production, and if we ever need to for reasons of plant health, we’ll always choose ones that are registered for organic use or have minimal impact. Likewise with fertilisers – we only use compost, seaweed extract, wood ash and other natural fertilisers.

We use only renewable energy to power our nursery business which is sourced locally from an on-site 5kW solar system. This system always produces more power than we use and excess is fed back into the grid.

We would like to find a decent alternative to plastic pots, but are currently re-using and recycling them as far as possible. We purposely grow green manure to feed our composting systems which include chickens, worms and compost heaps. We recycle boxes and packaging for plants and use recycled paper in the printer.

We welcome any further advice on reducing our environmental impact, or making a more positive one!