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Queensland Arrowroot


The Queensland Arrowroot is a vigorous clumping canna with edible tubers that are high in starch.The tall broad leaves grow very quickly and change the garden landscape with the seasons.

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Ker-gawl, Achira, Edible canna, Purple arrowroot



Native to South America



Queensland Arrowroot is deciduous and dies back as the seasons grow colder. The plant springs to life when the rains come and grows quickly to full height over summer. Plant height will vary with growing conditions averaging 2 meters in a cultivated garden.

Over time we have grown this plant in various sub-tropical conditions testing its hardiness. It will grow in dry windy sites with only the rain that falls from the sky, however leaves do become scrappy as they age in the wind and height is stunted with lower water levels.



Excessive leaf growth can be recycled as mulch in the garden or as green manure in a compost. Both leaves and tubers are fed to livestock as fodder food in parts of Asia and South America. In our experience pigs just love this in their diet.

The edible tubers are high in starch, and similar to West Indian Arrowroot it can be processed into flour. Younger tubers can be stewed or baked like other starchy vegetables.

SizeMedium shrub (1-3m)
Growth RateFast
UsesAnimal Fodder
UsesCompost Activating
Sun ExposureFull sun
Life CyclePerennial
Frost ResistanceLow
Wind ToleranceModerate
Dry ToleranceModerate
Flower ColourRed
Aromatic FoliageNo
Flower SeasonAutumn