Tillandsia caput medusae on mosaic wooden mount Expand

Mounted Airplant - Tillandsia caput medusae

Tillandsia caput medusae


Tillandsia caput medusae has frosted green leaves which curl into the air like tenticles as they grow longer, which is why it is commonly called the Octopus Plant or Medusa's Head. This plant is growing on a handmade wooden mosaic mount, and comes with a hook and aluminium label ready to hang.

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The picture is representative only as there are variations in each plant and wooden mosaic mount.



Tillandsia caput medusae is native to several countries in Central America 

SizeSmall shrub (to 1m)
Sun ExposurePartial sun
Life CyclePerennial
Frost ResistanceLow
Wind ToleranceHigh
Dry ToleranceModerate
Flower ColourRed
Flower ColourPurple
Aromatic FoliageNo
Flower SeasonSpring