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  • Hoop Pine
    Araucaria cunninghamii

    The hoop pine is an ancient native conifer tree which can grow to over 40 meters in suitable conditions. Tolerant of coastal conditions, pollution, high winds and drought the hoop pine is so versatile that it is often found in windbreaks on farms through to streetscapes on the coast.

  • Orange Jasmine
    Murraya paniculata

    Popular fast growing hedging or screening shrub with attractive and highly scented white flowers.

  • Palm Lily (BUY 3 GET 1 FREE)
    Cordyline petiolaris

    Tall and slender, this palm lily has broad strappy leaves and is well suited to tropical styled gardens with moist soil and filtered sun. Grows up to 4m in height with clusters of berries ripening from green to red in Summer.

  • Poinciana Tree
    Delonix regia

    The Poinciana is a beautiful ornamental shade tree, with masses of showy red blooms that dominate its broad canopy in summer.

  • Tamarind
    Tamarindus indica

    The Tamarind is a tropical tree from Africa, now grown around the globe because of its wonderful sweet and sour fruit. Growing to around 18 meters, with abundant dainty fine evergreen leaves the Tamarind tree is a beautiful ornamental that will provide you with ample shade year round.