Stenanthe setosa - leaves Expand

Hairy Prayer Plant


The species name Setosa refers to the bristly stems on this plant. The patterned grey and green upper side of the leaf is contrast with a maroon underside, it certainly brings colour and a point of interest to shaded areas of the garden. It is perennial and evergreen, so its tropical foliage can be enjoyed all year round.

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Never Never Plant, Prayer Plant



Grows as an understory plant on the damp forest floors of tropical Brazil.



This plant is from a tropical environment so it is well adapted to seasonal wet and dry conditions. To keep the foliage looking its best grow the plant in moist loam soil that is partly shaded and free from frost. Feed the plant and protect the soil from drying out by mimicking forest floor conditions with an organic mulch of materials such as leaf litter, bark and/or wood chip.

The Hairy Prayer Plant has been grown successfully as an indoor plant, more commonly so in climates where the winters are too cold for the plant outdoors. If growing the plant inside ensure that the pot you use is heavy enough to cater for possible heights of 1m.

SizeSmall shrub (to 1m)
Growth RateFast
Sun ExposureShade
Life CyclePerennial
Frost ResistanceLow
Wind ToleranceLow
Dry ToleranceModerate
Flower ColourWhite
Scented FlowersNo
Aromatic FoliageNo
Flower SeasonSummer